Today was fun!  I went over to David E. Kelly’s studios in Manhattan Beach and gave an interview for the DVD release of the first year of “Picket Fences.”  I talked about shooting the first episode, the incredible cast of Tom, Kathy, Fyvish, Ray and the others which made the show so wonderful for me.  Fyvish showed up shortly afterward and we caught up.  He’s a true diamond in the rough, a wonderful person and so incredibly funny, he had me in stitches the entire time.  He told me that he’s shooting the new Adam Sandler film and he plays his Uncle Mosha in the movie.  Sandler came to him last week while shooting and said, “Fyvish, you know I’m more Jewish than you.”  Fyvish said, “No, no one’s more Jewish than me. ” Sandler replied, “Oh yes, I only drive Cadillac’s!”