1. Put together a terrific 1 minute demo reel showcasing your talent. I’ve put together many demo reels over the course of my voice-over career. Once reel focused on radio spots, one was animation; one was for trailers, and another for narration. You want to keep your reel focused, pronunciate your words clearly, and show your range.

2. Shop your demo reel to different voice-over agents. The top VO agents are Atlas Talent, DPN Talent, CESD… if you want to find the top VO agents, read my blog, “Top VO agents”

3. Network Network Network to different VO casting directors, animation directors, writers and VO producers. By getting recommended to an agent through one of these channels, you will have a much better shot of getting an agent. Agents get tons of submissions, so you’ve got to stand out by getting recommended to them or meeting them somehow, and having an awesome demo reel. Over the course of many years, I’ve gotten to know a lot of people in the VO industry and that’s how I’ve gotten most of my work—just like in everything, it’s “Who you Know.” However, it’s also, “What you Know.” You have to be talented or else you won’t get an agent and won’t be hired again for a job

4. Work on your craft. Constantly be practicing your different voices and your range within your own voice. Join a voice-over class or get a VO coach who can help you master your talent. These people can also help you get an agent if they like you and think you are talented. I’ve taken several different voice-over classes and hired several VO coaches, one for animation and one for radio spots.

5. Think like a business person. Remember it’s called ShowBusiness—so realize it’s a business and you’ve got to be thinking in that direction. Promote yourself to whomever you can and put together a game plan on where you want to go, how you’re going to get there, who you want to meet and how you can meet them.

6. Be Disciplined, Be Focused and Don’t let Rejection get you down. You will hear No a lot, so just stay focused and don’t give up.