1. Atlas Talent—they represent me in New York and Los Angeles.  I’m biased but I think they are the best and they represent most of the top earning voice-over talent in the industry.  They are incredible to work with and get you tons of interviews.
  2. DPN Talent—they are my former agents and they did a lot great things for me.  I do appreciate their work but I prefer Atlas as an agency because I think they work harder for their clients.  DPN  still represents a lot of top talent.
  3. CESD—I was with them when I was younger and I believe they are a great agency, they represent a lot of top talent.
  4. Arlene Thornton and Assoc.  I have several friends who have been at this VO agency and they say they do a terrific job for them.
  5. SBV–It’s a large agency that represents clients in Voice-overs, commercials and theatrical.  I’ve heard they do a good job for their clients.