Child Actor Advocate Justin ShenkarowActing Career

After shooting more than fifty commercials, Justin started doing guest appearances on television shows such as “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, “Who’s the Boss”, “Home Improvement” and many others.

He then landed the role of Simon on NBC’s critically-acclaimed “Eerie Indiana”, where he shot twenty two episodes.

Next, Justin transformed into Matthew Brock on the Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning show “Picket Fences”, working and learning from such gifted actors as Tom Skerritt, Kathy Baker and Don Cheadle and exceptional producers including David E. Kelly, Jonathan Pontell, Bob Breech and Alice West.

After garnering top awards for “Picket Fences”, Justin was admitted into Stanford University, earning his BA in American Studies and studying Art History in Paris his junior year.  Justin is also currently getting his MBA at Loyola Marymount University part time in their evening program.

Justin was the voice of Charlie Brown in the GetMet commercials, as well as Little Sprout in the famous Green Giant commercials and Harold in the breakout Nickelodeon hit, “Hey Arnold.” His voiceover portfolio also includes ABC’s “Recess,” “Lloyd in Space,” FOX’s “Life with Louie” and “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego..”

Now, Justin’s production company, “Shake That Fro Productions” is directing and producing original films including “The Best Christmas Ever” which won top prize at the New Orleans International Film Festival in December.

Justin’s most recent projects include the pilot “Aliens in America” for the CW Network and the film “Tears” in which he co-stars. Justin just booked a film called, “Make a Movie Like.”  It’s a dark comedy where he plays an American soldier in Iraq.  He also has recently done voice-over work on the films, “Blind Side” ,“New Moon”, “Avatar”, “Valentine’sDay”, and “Iron Man 2.”

Child Actor Advocate

Justin believes strongly in helping taking care of the new generation of child actors.

As a former child actor, Justin feels his mother’s input helped formulate his successful career on all levels. While working on “Eerie Indiana,” and “Picket Fences,” Justin attended his regular school and was only schooled on-set when he was actually working. This enabled him to socialize with his friends at school, while working professionally as an actor,. He played sports at school, and after school through AYSO— soccer, basketball, baseball and tennis—allowing him to have treasured time with his friends. Justin’s mother also instilled in him a passion for learning, and he briefly left acting to further pursue his education at Stanford University, where he graduated with his BA in American Studies.

Justin feels that his belief in education, while working as a young actor, and his ability to socialize with his school friends, have enabled him to become the well-rounded individual he is today.

He wants these same opportunities for current young actors and children across the world. In 2004, he was elected to the Screen Actors Board and was recently elected to become the National Chair of the Young Performer’s Committee. Through this post, he is determined to improve the wages and working conditions of young actors and provide them with every opportunity possible. He recently championed a Mentoring Event which brings in previous young actors, directors, writers and producers to discuss the industry and other opportunities with young actors. He has also been instrumental in passing state legislation which ensures that 15% of a child’s earnings on-set is placed in a blocked trust (Coogan Fund) for him to have when he turns 18. Justin has just launched a 32-page Young Performer’s Handbook which all young actors and their parents can take while on set to provide them with laws and regulations that Producers must follow when dealing with a young actor, as well as answers to many questions they may have.

Looking Ahead Program

Justin also sits on the board of directors of the Looking Ahead Program which is a sub-division of the Actors Fund of America.

The Looking Ahead Program serves over 300 young performers through educational planning, counseling services, group activities, community volunteer programs, financial planning seminars and informational panels.

Justin is a member of the Jewish Big Brothers Organization and provides mentoring to fraternal twins.

He loves the time he spends with them and hopes to help guide them into a fun and successful childhood which can help lay the foundation for a wonderful adult life.

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