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“In the movie Comedy Hell, Justin plays Hades, the first guy to die at the hands of the killer. He had to have his back ripped open and Justin never complained even after he had recuperated and the scars barely showed anymore and had to do re-shoots (OK, we were scared after the second transfusion). Justin sucked it up and helped make the all important beginning of our movie beyond graphic and exciting.

No matter what time of day or how long he had to be in makeup he always brought his A-game. I am proud to have worked with him.”

Jerry Diner
Producer, Comedy Hell

Screen Actors Guild

Justin is the National Chair of the Young Performer’s Committee

He is committed to making a difference in the lives of young actors by constantly striving to earn them the highest degree of wages and working conditions in the industry.

Screen Actors Guild –  click on Resources and scroll down to Young Performers to learn more about his work at SAG.

Looking Ahead Foundation

Justin sits on the board of directors of this program which serves over 300 young performers through educational planning, counseling services, group activities, community volunteer programs, financial planning seminars and informational panels.

Actors Fund


Justin endorses this non-profit foundation run by parents which helps other parents and children with free updated information regarding the acting industry.

Biz Parentz

Jewish Federation

Justin is a member of the Entertainment Industry Leadership Institute.

He participates in philanthropic events involving the Los Angeles community.

Jewish Federation