Justin Shenkarow Starring with Eric Roberts

Justin recently wrapped shooting two films and a pilot, one co-starring Eric Roberts entitled “Comedy Hell,” the other entitled “House of the Dead 2”, and a pilot for the CW entitled “Aliens in America.”JUSTIN SHENKAROW


Justin has been writing for the last few years and thoroughly enjoys writing television comedies. He and his writing partner, Sean Dwyer, are being hip-pocketed by CAA.

Survival of the Finleys is a comedy pilot that Justin and his writing partner wrote about a family trying to survive in the suburbs during this terrible economic downturn.

Life After Death

Justin is guest starring in the pilot for the new Turner network co-starring Rick Overton. He plays a new and improved Grim Reaper. Imagine a young Ari Gold from Entourage–an arrogant young dude who’s having fun while taking lives.

Fat Guy, Hot Wife

Justin is producing and guest-starring in a pilot presentation called Fat Guy, Hot Wife which is a one-camera sitcom about a comedian getting a three-camera show. It seems everyone in Hollywood is against him – or at least has script notes for him – including his real-life fiancée, who’s less than fond of his gorgeous new on-screen wife.


Justin developed the film he is written which is based on the true story of a man and his family who escaped Iran in 1998 to avoid the government’s deadly persecution.

Wild Boys

Me, My Mom and Joan